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Your Natural Beauty Routine Broken Down



By Jessica Sepal – The Healthy Life

What we put on our skin is absorbed into our body almost as readily as the food we eat, so I think it’s important we pay just as much attention to what’s in our skincare products as we do to what’s in our food. I love using natural products – and even items you can find in your kitchen – whenever I can. These are my top natural beauty tips.

– For my hair, I love using cold-pressed coconut oil as a moisturising mask. It works wonders and smells amazing too.

– When I have a blemish, I use apple cider vinegar dabbed onto cotton wool – it takes care of them in a flash!

– I love a DYI face mask made from oats, water and lemon or avocado – I have several great recipes in my book, The Healthy Life.

– Throw chia seeds and goji berries into your smoothie for healthy fats and added skin glow!

– Hair needs nourishment from foods: good fats such as avocado, fish, seeds, salmon and protein found in fish/chicken/eggs/meat. Increasing your intake of greens will also give your hair the minerals needed for growth and strength. The Healthy Life contains recipes that help you beautify from the inside out.

– Green juice is also a great beauty treatment. Try packing in as many greens as you can to meet your daily serving and boost your beauty too.


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