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5 DIY Beauty Tips With Ice Cubes



By Evlin Symon

You read the title right guys, it is another DIY slash life hack article! These are my favorite types of articles because not only are the tips practical, they’re also extremely easy to do and are pretty cheap since we all already have access to most of these things anyway. For this article I will be discussing all the possible beauty benefits ice cubes can offer. What did I tell you? Cheap and easily accessible. So walk towards your fridge and grab your ice rack and let’s begin.

Zit Zapper

This is a pretty common trick. You’ve probably already learned this in high school but for those of you that didn’t, all you really need is an ice cube and a zip lock bag. Some people will argue and say that using a towel to wrap the ice cube before dabbing it on your pimple is better but it can be actually pretty harsh for your already sensitive spot. An optional step would be to use eye drops (1-2 drops is enough) on the affected area after applying the ice cube. This reduces the inflammation and redness of your pimple.

Refreshing Facial

You can use ice cubes for an instant pick me up facial. You can go really old school by just literally dunking your face into a big bowl of ice water. Before you get mad, this actually tightens pores and instantly improves circulation. If you want a natural skin brightener for a dull complexion, you can squeeze natural juices such as orange juice or lemon juice into ice cube trays. Once fully frozen you can run these flavored ice cubes through your face for instantly glowing skin. You can use other stuff like cucumber or honey too.

Natural Anesthetic

I made the subject title sound kind of scary but it does kind of work like an anesthetic for when you are tweezing your eyebrows. I personally still get irritated skin when I tweeze or thread my eyebrows. It kind of makes this weird unibrow shape of redness. It is extremely embarrassing to walk out of the salon. A good way to avoid any pain and to decrease any redness is by periodically dabbing your eyebrow area with an ice cube.

Skin Primer and Pore Shrinker

Rubbing ice cubes all over your face is also a great way to prep your skin before applying makeup. You can focus especially on areas where your pores are enlarged. The cold ice cube will instantly close your pores. You can then apply your favorite primer. You can also prep your under eye area by placing an ice cube over it to reduce any puffiness. You can also substitute the ice cube with a frozen cucumber slice.

Quick Drying Nails

If you thought the magic of ice cubes stops with your skin, you thought wrong. If you’re like me and you always end up ruining your newly manicured nails in a matter of minutes right after getting them then you will appreciate this tip. All you need to do is to air dry your nails for a good 3 minutes and then you dunk your nails into a bowl of ice water for another 3 minutes. Your nails will dry instantly. Goodbye ruined manicures forever.

I hope these tips were just as helpful for you as they have been for me in the past. There’s an odd sense of comfort in knowing that you can fix most beauty problems with a simple household item like an ice cube. Remember, for any of the mentioned beauty emergencies just remember to reach for your ice cubes and you are good to go!

Thin Shaming, Just As Bad As Fat Shaming



Calynn M. Lawrence

Many people think of weight shaming as something that only people who are overweight suffer from. However, that is part of the reason that thin shaming still exists. Yes, fat shaming is cruel and disgusting and borderline dehumanising. I know, because I am a woman who has been “fat” almost her entire life. But guess what? So, is thin shaming.

Many people believe that this is not an issue because, “everybody wants to be thin.” Yet, instead of lessening the problem, let’s try to stop the problem. No one should have to feel bad about their body no matter their size. This article shares the experiences of two young women who have been skinny shamed their entire lives and have been deeply effected by it. Names have been changed for privacy issues.

Lisa, a singer song writer, tells her story:
“I am 120 pounds, 5’4, size 4. In my mind that seems to be a pretty acceptable size. When I look on my health charts, it says I am average weight. Yet, and still, I have always been made fun of for being skinny. I’m not sure if it has something to do with the way my weight falls, I’m fairly straight up and down. Or maybe it’s the way that I dress myself. Regardless, it seems like no matter what I do I can’t help but be made fun of for my weight. “

“I come from a family of curvy women. As a Dominican, I naturally have a mother, sisters, cousins and aunties with teh desired J Lo body. You know, nice bust, big bum, small waist and thick thighs. This never helped the way kids teased me in school either. I would dread attending the same school as my relatives because responses like ‘Oh your sister is so hot,’ ‘Your cousin is so curvy,’ or ‘How come you don’t got no body like that?’ were far from uncommon. In fact it was practically an every day thing. No doubt, my self esteem suffered dearly and it took my years into my young adulthood to come to grips with my body. I’m glad that can now accept myself for who I am with no draw backs. I am woman, no matter what size my tag says.”

Reina, a ballet dancer, tells her story:
“As thin as possible. That was the standard for making a career out of dance back when I was a teen. Nonetheless, I ate like a bird on the strictest of diets, danced 3 hours a day, lifted weights 5 hours a week and did everything I possibly could to maintain my small figure. As a result, I was able to have a successful career and ended up making enough money to put myself through college with no loans and move out at the age of 21 with a fully paid car.

But, this was not enough to shield myself from the bullying that I faced as a result of being so skinny. I never passed a size 2 in my entire career as a ballerina and even to this day, I am only a size 6 which feels very heavy for me. As a result, it was hard for me to secure a boyfriend because guys found me undesirable and it was hard to keep friends because of the petty back hand compliments that females would always sneak in. Now that I have retired from my dance career, I’ve put on a few pounds and it has sadly effected the way people treat me. I get more guys trying to court me and much less hate from my female associates. It’s sickening to know that my dress size determined how people treated me. This is why I can totally empathize with big girls. It seems to me that society does not want to accept you as being attractive unless you’re an ‘average size’ like a 6 to 10, but no bigger, unless you’re shaped like Kim Kardashian. And let’s face it, most of us aren’t. I love myself no matter my weight but I just wish that other people would too.”

These are merely two experiences of women who have extensively endured thin shaming. There are many women across the globe who unfortunatey have to deal with this problem. How about we as a people finally stop slapping labels on eachother and just accept everyone as their own form of beautiful? It seems like things would be a lot better off that way.

My Day On A Plate – Steph Claire Smith



By Stephanie Claire Smith – Keep It Cleaner

Here’s my day on a plate, keep in mind this changes from time to time as I travel a lot and work sometimes caters.


Acai Bowl – people who watch my snap would’ve noticed by now that when I’m home this is my go to. I usually have a sweet tooth in the morning so this always pleases my palate.

Porridge – if it’s too cold for an Acai I’ll go for a bowl of our warm delicious porridge, it warms my tummy but also my heart as it always reminds me of my Nanna. I usually mix almond butter through it and top it with either berries or banana.

Granola – I absolutely love our granola but if I haven’t made a batch and I’m in a rush, I’ll chop up some almonds and chuck those with chia seeds and cacao nibs, with some yoghurt and berries.

After brekkie and before lunch I always have a coffee, in winter it’s a soy latte, in summer it’s an iced coffee with almond milk.


Smashed Avo on Toast – if I’m at home I’ll make our recipe of course, but it is one of my favourite choices when I’m out somewhere for brunch. I’ll always opt for poached eggs on top and have it on spelt, paleo or GF bread.

Green Brekkie Bowl – more and more cafes are catching on and making these, which is epic because it’s such a delicious but nutritious option when eating out. Our recipes best though 😉

Chicken salad – or sometimes I use steak or lamb, I loooooove red meat.

Snack- fruits like plums, pineapple or watermelon or I’ll make a smoothie.


Fish and Chips – if you haven’t tried our fish fingers, do it. They’re finger lickin’ good 😉

My Spelt Pasta Dish– I don’t always use the same sauce, I do love making a chilly tomato based one as well, that recipe is coming soon.

Meat and Veg – weather it’s red meat, poultry or fish, I’ll pair it with either a salad or some pan or oven roasted veggies.


I allllwaysss have a sweet tooth after dinner, so I’ll have a couple of pieces of 85% dark chocolate or I’ll have some of our Radical Rocky Road if I’ve pre prepared 😉

I also can’t go to bed without having a peppermint tea or two, it relaxes me.

Transcending the Unexpected



By Sasha Benz


“I just don’t have the time,” was always my first reaction when people told me I needed to meditate. Equally, I felt like it was a personal attack on my lifestyle and work obsession. It wasn’t just about not having time, it was the fact that meditating had become a trend, something people preached, and that bothered me,  irritated me for some reason. I don’t know why I had such a closed mind to it, but I did, and I just didn’t have the energy to change my own mind.


The past two months, my life has been crazier than normal. I have been traveling a lot, working abnormal hour days, editing and styling and growing the site, which was all so positive, but I was neglecting a lot of areas of my life, to handle the work load. I can easily testify that the past two months have been the busiest time of my life. So, when it seemed like I had no time for myself, away from work, that was exactly when Matt, from Bondi Meditation, appeared.  I can’t decide if the timing was everything but I just knew it was time and I finally let my guard down.  I signed up to a meditation course.


Six hours, across four days. I had to make the time (even if it meant less sleep than usual that week).


I could sit here and write for hours about the experience with Matt and how I think he has changed my life in so many ways, but it is not something I want to preach or explain to you in words, it is something you need to experience.


For someone like me, who is a workaholic, but also knows how to party just as hard, Matt is relatable and honest. He makes everything relevant to your situation and is realistic about just about everything. He made everything make sense, and I walked away each day feeling a little bit wiser, happier and yes, believe it or not, more relaxed. Nothing felt as serious or pressured anymore. It was about enjoying ‘the now’.

“If the president can find time to do it, so can you.”  – I don’t know why, but this line resonated with me more than ever; it seemed to put everything in perspective for me.

It’s been a week since I started the course, and I can’t believe I’ve waited so long to do something as good as this for myself, my mind and my future.

If you don’t believe me, just read a little more from Matt below, and hopefully it’ll lead you in the right direction…



At Bondi Meditation we teach a technique called Vedic Meditation. It’s incredibly easy to learn and you feel the benefits straight away. People commonly report feeling calmer, happier and less reactive as early as Day 2 of the course.The technique involves the use of a mantra, or sound vibration. Each person has a specific mantra which is suitable for them and part of the teacher’s job is to choose the right mantra for each person. The student knows it’s the right mantra for them because the first time they close their eyes and repeat it mentally, their mind starts to become quieter and their body goes into a deep state of relaxation.

The course runs over four days for an hour and a half each day – so a total commitment of 6 hours. During that time, we teach a student to become fully self sufficient in their meditation practice. By Day 4 they will be able meditate without any assistance from their teacher, or anyone else. They take a great skill away with them, which they will have for life.

I know it’s a cliché, and rather convenient for me as a meditation teacher : ) but everyone can benefit from meditating. You could go further and say that everyone needs to meditate. Without meditation, or a practice like it, the stress just keeps building up in our bodies – it literally, physically builds up – and we have no way of releasing it. As soon as we start to let these stresses go, through meditation, we feel a lightness, an opening and start to feel more like our real selves again, rather than just an expression of the stresses we’ve accumulated. It turns out our real selves are lovely!

Meditation is for everyone. Everyone can learn, and anyone can do it.

For models in particular, they arguably have to endure more stress than the average person. There’s the constant pressure to appear a certain way physically, the scrutiny and rejection that comes as part of the job, the instability and uncertainty of where the next gig is coming from, the long hours of work and travel, the list goes on. Meditation can really help to process this stress out and help you to remain calm and adaptable to situations as they arise. In such a materially obsessed industry, it also gives models the chance to dive deeply inside, beyond surface appearances, and nurture their spirit. This can give you a much needed perspective and help keep you grounded, in potentially very challenging situations. Not to mention the fact that a famous study scientifically proved that Vedic Meditation causes ‘reverse-ageing’!

In the study, Vedic meditators were found to biologically reverse age by 8 years in their first 5 years of meditation. They were 3 years younger at the end of the 5 year study than they were at the start!


Have a look at Matt’s website and sign up for a free intro talk at www.bondimeditation.com.au.

Alternatively, you can email Matt directly at matt@bondimeditation.com.au.

The Future Of Fashion With Alexa Chung



By jessica Gonzalez

As if we needed another reason to adore the always chic, effortlessly cool Alexa Chung, British It-Girl after our own hearts, in comes Future of Fashion, her latest two-part mini-series for British Vogue. In this clever and informative series of videos, the contributing British Vogue editor and, most recently, face of French fashion house Longchamp sets out to interview various influential figures in fashion today. Her interviews and subsequent commentary inform viewers on the new directions in which fashion is heading.

Throughout the series, Alexa takes on such important, relevant topics as social media and the blogosphere’s influence on designers, buyers, models, and fashion followers, how to go about scoring internships and/or jobs at major fashion houses and publications such as Vogue, the different disciplines and areas of business within fashion, and more. Divided into several parts, each FOF segement concentrates on a different part of the fashion world. The series successfully counters the stereotype of fashion being frivolous and demonstrates the impact fashion has as an art form, offering endless inspiration through its various avenues, worldwide. Alexa’s witty charm shines through during her interviews and perhaps, at times, even outshines her impeccable style. And that’s saying something!

Some of the fashion heavy-hitters Alexa speaks with include young and unapologetically chic Olivier Rousteing, 26-year-old creative director of Balmain; Jaime Perlman, Vogue’s creative director; Opening Ceremony’s Carol Lim and Humberto Leon; Scottish designer Christopher Kane; and many more. During part one of FOF, Alexa speaks with fashion experts about the ins and outs of fashion and how to breakthrough the industry. During part two, the series takes a deeper look into what influences trends, buyers, and fashion followers. She examines normcore and offers her opinion on the ubiquitous trend, in addition to numerous other pressing issues. For anyone who works in or follows fashion, The Future of Fashion is a must-watch!

From Aus To LA, New York & Back



By Stephanie Claire Smith
Instagram – @stephclairesmith

I started modeling when I finished high school. I had done a few test shoots and when I was 18 years old I sent them into Chadwick to see if there was any interest – there was. So I went in, met the board and got signed.

I was one of the lucky ones; since I started I’d picked up some really great and regular clients. So I was working at least three days a week from the beginning.

I finally got the chance to come over to the states this year and base myself for a while to see how I’d go in the American market. Don’t get me wrong, I love my work back home I just wanted to experience something different – it’s now my third year modeling.

LA work was fine but to be honest I didn’t really stay long enough to see what would happen for me. I’m always happy to go back but for me LA was boring…the stuff I was being put forward for at least. A lot of Ecom work – which would be fine if I was just going over to make money, but the real meaning behind my trip was to meet big clients and experience the things I wouldn’t have had the opportunity to back home. 

So after two months I decided to move to New York. I’ve always dreamed about living here and always wanted to try and see if I could make it. I was initially signed with FORD and when I went in the first thing they told me was that “you have a free gym membership” and that I “needed to get my hip measurements down”. So from then on I was to go in twice a week and let them take my measurements.

I then noticed a couple of weeks later that they had taken me off their website completely. When I asked them about it, they replied that they “would start sending me to castings and put me back on the site when I’d lost weight”. So here I was, already a healthy person, pretty much being told to do nothing else with my time except go to the gym and eat less.

I’m a massive foodie, and love socializing – going out for dinner is a weekly ritual. I’ve never really had any body issues, I’m a very healthy person; I eat well and I exercise. But one week I didn’t go out at all. I only left the house to exercise; I ate very little and very boring food.

Finally when I went back to the agency they were pleased. I was an inch smaller, so they put me back on their site. I was happy. I was back online and excited to actually get started, until I realized that they wanted me to keep going and lose more weight. I was miserable. Within those weeks I think I sent countless e-mails to my mother agent describing how upset I was and how much I felt the agency just didn’t understand my market.

He was coming to New York for other business anyhow so we met up and I explained everything to him. He knows me and could tell straight away I wasn’t fat or anything so he said “let’s get you out of there” and we did just that. New York was only difficult to begin with because I was simply with the wrong agency. They wanted me to be a certain way that just wasn’t me. So it was never going to work.

The agency I’m with now Women 360 really get me and understand my goals and are super lovely and accepting toward me. I’m happy with them. The bookers are a lot more supportive, which is comforting. Sadly though, I only just signed with them and now it’s time for me to go home.

I suppose the biggest thing this year for me is how much my confidence has changed. Back in AUS I’d walk into a job/casting super confident and bubbly – over here I walk into a casting and feel I don’t belong. I feel like the girls look at me thinking ‘is she really a model?’. I take ages to get ready in the morning because I feel like everything I wear makes me look bigger than I am.

Anyway, the biggest issue with me feeling this way is I have a very large following on Instagram who look up to me and inspire to be like me. But lately I’ve become that someone I told them not to be. I always go on about loving yourself and being happy, and yet I’m not even doing that.

My decision to go home has made me extremely happy, and frankly I can’t wait to go back and start feeling good about myself again. It’s a great feeling to actually enjoy your work and love what you do. And being over here made me question that, when it was all I ever wanted to do back home…




Supermodels & Their Super Famous Partners



By Simi Afroza Mira

In our day and age, supermodels are regarded just as highly as A-list actresses and famous singers. While many will have modeling careers in their life, very, very few will achieve the level of superstardom that goes along with the coveted title – Supermodel. These fascinating, beautiful women also easily manage to grab boyfriends and husbands that carry just as much clout with their name as their supermodel counterpart. There are several couples – and ex-couples – that make a dazzling pair.

Heidi Klum and Seal

Though the couple eventually split in late 2014, they were married for years and even had 4 children together. Everyone on the planet who doesn’t live under a rock knows who Heidi Klum is – a supermodel who even modeled the runways for Victoria’s Secret, and later became known for hosting the reality TV hit “Project Runway.” Seal is well-known for his music and the impact he made in the industry, and for battling a severe form of Lupus that left facial scarring. Both of these major celebrities were total bosses in their respective industries and it seems they wanted a partner that held just as much fame as they did, too.

Giselle Bundchen and Leonardo DiCaprio

Ms. Giselle, a Victoria’s Secret Angel and household name, dated the world-famous Leonardo DiCaprio for five years. It didn’t work out though, so we now go to:

Giselle Bundchen and Tom Brady

Giselle called it quits with perhaps one of the most famous and influential actors in the world – Leonardo DiCaprio – and then snagged Tom Brady, a famous American quarterback, who plays for the New England Patriots. Its clear this Brazilian bombshell knows she can snag any man she wants – and absolutely does.

Though these are only just a few example of supermodels and the men they choose, it is clear that supermodels can not only attract the most famous, rich, powerful, and handsome of men, but that they are just as worthy themselves, and have as much, if not more, celebrity than their handsome man-candy. While it doesn’t necessarily seem apparent that famous supermodels go for men with the same look, it does seem pretty clear they are attracted to men as powerful and prestigious in their own industries as the supermodel herself.

I was never a supermodel, but I suppose I was a successful enough model back in the day, and the man I snagged and TOTALLY LOVE – okay he’s not famous – but he’s super adorable. Think 3 day stubble, geek chic frames, and perfect blue eyes kind of adorable. Also, he treats me like I am his world, which is just how myself and every woman – supermodel or not – deserves to be regarded by her main man.

Disturbing Domestic Violence Editorial



by Fournier Master

Art can be a powerful way to shed light on tough issues. However, there is a significant difference between raising awareness and glamorizing potentially triggering subjects. Case in point: Vogue Italia has stirred up controversy with a gory domestic violence editorial in their April 2014 issue. So, is it activism or insensitivity?

Franca Sozzani, editor-in-chief of Vogue Italia, is no stranger to controversy. She has defended her decision to run certain images in the past. Often, these controversies are beneficial; in 2011, she drew attention to fashion’s lack of diversity by featuring only black models in a spread, and in 2008, she featured full-figured models in lingerie. At other moments, however, Sozzani’s choices have been problematic. For example, in 2011 she ran a feature entitled Slave Earrings.

Horror Story, shot by Stephen Meisel, walks a fine line between the two. Fashionista reports that the editorial depicts models €running from men wielding knives, scissors, and other weapons in dangerous (and, in some cases, deadly) situations. The clothes, provided by Valentino, Marc Jacobs, and Fendi, are smeared with blood. These images are disturbing, raw, gory, and reminiscent of classic horror movie scenarios. But, unlike many horror-themed photo shoots, they are not campy. They ultimately feel a little too real.

In an interview with The Independent, Franca Sozzani spoke out about her inspiration for the editorial:

The horror of life is bigger than the one that you can see in the movies. This is really a horror show, what we are looking at and what we see every day in every newspaper around the world is how fragile the woman still is today, and how she can be attacked, can be abused, can be killed.

She later says that the goal of the shoot is not to be provocative, but to raise awareness, to stand up and say that €women have to be defended. Sozzani acknowledges the possibility that she will be accused of glamorizing domestic abuse and posits that controversy is no reason to shy away from activism.

We sell the dream because we are a magazine; we are the dream, no? Vogue¦ But at the same time, we can give people the opportunity to have a voice, for awareness.

For someone who has never suffered from domestic abuse, this may seem a fair argument for publishing the disturbing editorial. The images don’t intend to glamorize abuse; rather, they are shocking and hard to look at. However, these same images could easily be triggering to a woman with a history of abuse. When an abuse victim is pictured in a gorgeous Valentino dress, it’s hard to shake the feeling that violence is being used to sell clothes.

Perhaps a better course of action would be to publsh an article about domestic abuse, rather than run a visual feature with beautiful clothing and models. I can always applaud the use of art to better our society, but not at the risk of exploiting victims.

Turner Talks Again


Turner Talks comes direct from NYC by reporter Sally Turner with videographer Sheniqua Lewis. From lifestyle, entertainment, to intimate interviews TurnerTalks has you covered about all that is happening in this wonderful city. Find us on YouTube.

YouTube: TurnerTalks

Instagram: @turnertalksofficial

Denim On Denim On Denim – The 2016 Trends



By Michele Smith
Facebook – MicheleSmithMarketing

While many fashionistas consider denim fashion as a trend most popular in the 80’s (think jean jacket), the truth of the matter is that designer jeans have taken the market by storm and denim has continued to debut at the spring fashion shows. The following are the trending items that you will see while out and about; and should be a part of your 2016 denim wardrobe. At the end of the day, these trends are very apparent that 90’s looks are back and very reminiscent of the skater girl and pop British band boy days – of course with a few exceptions.

1. The Long Denim Skirt

Say your goodbyes to the short denim skirt and hello to the long denim skirt which is all of the rage for 2016. Trending among the most popular is a floor length denim with a slit and the look becomes complete with a pair of heels or knee high boots. This is not to say the short denim skirts in non-traditional jean colors are not all the rage either. Skinny Jeans made a huge impact at the Spring Fashion week with a lack of pants. The Skinny jeans models were clad in 70’s style separates and sported fetching A-line skirts.

2. Print Denim

What is print denim? For the most part print denim is exactly what the description implies – trendy patterns on denim. This look is the ultimate change for the wardrobe blues, because this look can be complete with something as simple as a white tee shirt. Print denim made its appearance in the fashion shows in a variety of different colors and jean styles. The main point is that print is in.

3. Feminine

This fashion statement is all glam for lack of a better word. The feminine denim trend made a huge splash during fashion week and Alexander McQueen reigned as the Vogue favorite. The statement comes in variety of styles, but think oversized jackets with lots of bling to bring out the inner girly in you. The trend has also appeared in recent years with the ongoing blingy jean phenomenon.

4. Patchwork

No, we are not talking about grandma’s knitting here. While the look is a little bit county, the runways shows certainly made this look a trend for 2016. The patchwork look is simply exactly as stated – patches of different color denim. The trend can be found in jeans and especially jackets.

According to Vogue, the denim runway favorites for 2016 were Chanel’s printed denim (laser floral) and the chambray or feminine blue jean dress. Adam Selman debuted a stunning A-line frock, Suno offered a belted and tiered look; while Chloe’s look was off the hook and off the shoulder. Check out these designers to see the all of the fashion editors are talking about for 2016.